How We Help

ssured Strategy

Strategic IT Planning and Alignment

Not all organizations can afford to have an experienced, skilled IT Manager on staff, but through Asurtec, you can access the strategic advice, years of experience, and breadth of knowledge of a consulting IT Manager – we will ensure that your IT solution aligns to your long-term business goals, delivers cost saving efficiencies and drives revenue.

IT Assessments

You may be satisfied with your current IT provider, but wish to have an independent, third-party assessment of your IT environment. We provide one-time and periodic assessment services with no implementation work included. The assessment results include: security vulnerabilities, areas for process improvement, areas for cost savings, areas for performance improvement and performance bottlenecks and recommendations for improving your reporting environment.

Project Management, Coaching and Oversight

Asurtec realizes that IT support comes in all shapes and forms and there is no one-size-fits all solution. We provide project management and coaching for all types implementation and upgrade projects. This service can be used to coach, train and empower in-house IT staff by teaching them to handle more of your organization’s IT needs. A second, related service is that of independent oversight of implementation work provided by a third-party. This service is designed to ensure you are getting the best value for your money and not being sold services or products you don’t need. All our projects follow PMI best practices.

The entire Asurtec team are professionals, and have a great way of explaining what they’re doing to each of our team members.”

— Michael Levitt, Executive Director,
Canes Family Health Team
ssured Network

Managed Servers and Cloud Solutions

Asurtec manages Windows and Linux servers whether in your environment, hosted by us or hosted in the cloud.

Managed Desktops, Laptops and Thin Clients

Asurtec provides a range of service options from completely managed desktops and laptops to a dedicated helpdesk staff who are only a phone call or e-mail away. We can also implement an innovative, cost-saving solution that employs a central application servers and thin clients.

Managed Networks

Asurtec’s certified technicians like nothing better than designing robust, reliable and scalable office networking solutions. They are equally happy rolling up their sleeves and running data and voice cable, hardening your network, or simply upgrading the firmware on your router/gateway to protect you from the latest security threats.

Mobile Workforce and Remote Connectivity

Companies face complex challenges managing remote workforce and satellite and branch offices. Asurtec can help you drive greater efficiencies from your field operations and improve responsiveness in the field and offices with our Mobile Workforce and Remote Connectivity solutions. We can also set up a high performance VPN or a remote desktop server.

ssured Help

Help Desk

E-mailing, quickly grants you access to one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians. Your e-mail generates a ticket in our helpdesk system and alerts a Helpdesk Queue Manager who evaluates the ticket and assigns it to an appropriate technician. This ensures your request gets immediate attention and is handed by the right technician for job. The ticket remains “open” until the problem is resolved to your satisfaction. We realize how frustrating IT problems are and that’s why our helpdesk system moves at the speed of business.

ssured Communication

Voice over IP Telephone Systems

Asurtec has you covered when it comes to IP phone systems. Our CISCO certified technicians can implement full CISCO and CISCO/Asterisk phone systems that meet your needs without breaking the bank. Asurtec can equally assist you with your existing VOIP solution from another vendor.

Smart Phones and BYOD

Asurtec knows how important e-mail, unified messaging and smart phone integration can be to an organization, and we have you covered. Whether you only need a basic, but reliable e-mail service, or you need an enterprise-grade unified messaging solution with BYOD, we have the expertise to design and manage your system.

ssured and Secured

Security Audits

Asurtec lives and breathes security in all that we do (notice that this site is only offered over an encrypted connection). Our security experts can perform security audits of specific practices, servers, or your IT entire infrastructure and assist you in patching holes and improving processes. This service is similar to our independent assessments: with your security audit in hand, you are free to implement improvements with Asurtec or with another vendor.


Asurtec can create a completely automated backup solution that will ensure that your most valuable information is secure and recoverable. We can create a solution that backs up data from your environment or ensure that your servers hosted with us are completely recoverable. In fact we backup our backups. Our backup solutions feature

  • No new hardware required
  • Multiple operating system support
  • Application specifi­c agents
  • Flexible retention settings
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Secure and protected
  • 99.9% availability

ssured Information

Big Data, Data Management and Business Intelligence

Asurtec recognizes that many organizations have an abundance of data but are unable to use it effectively due to an inability to pull the reports they need. A common approach to this is to establish a data warehouse with a dashboard that tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) and operational reports. Asurtec has the know-how to build a high quality business intelligence reporting suite for your organization that falls within your budget. Asurtec additionally works creatively with organizations that do not host their own databases to help them gain access to information and establish effective reporting mechanisms. We at Asurtec believe that the best decisions are always founded on good information, and that every organization, regardless of size, should have access to the information it needs to make good decisions.

ssured Development

Application development

Let our staff of programmers and business analysts create a custom application that will fit all your operational and reporting requirements. The final product will be a robust and scalable solution that can grow with your business.

Website design and development

Our team of creative and talented designers can design and develop a website that accurately defines your business and will draw customers into your site. Our farm of web servers will ensure that your site that is hosted with us is available 99.999% of the time and is fast.


We have years of experience in ERP systems for small and mid sized organizations that create efficiencies and reduce operational expenses. We are happy to host your system for you or ensure that the system is running efficiently in your environment. We specialize in:

  • Blackbaud systems (Raisers Edge, eCRM, etc.)
  • Procura
  • CIMS
  • Pirouette