Responsive Helpdesk Support 365 Days/Year
Asurtec’s responsive, friendly and professional helpdesk is available 365 days per year. Our team of technicians is obsessed with making our clients happy by providing timely, friendly and capable support whenever our clients need it. Whenever you need support, you can phone to speak to a live technician or make a request by e-mail. We will provide support either using remote technologies or an on-site visit to resolve challenges and get you or your employees happily working again. Call now to learn more or actually get technical help from our helpdesk at: 1844-248-7832, 1 or email us at

Our helpdesk is one pillar in our multi-faceted IT Managed Services offering. Managed services means that we manage your Internet connection, servers, WiFi and wired networks, security cameras, laptops and desktops. Asurtec will manage your technology services to ensure they function securely, reliably and efficiently, allowing you and your team to focus and successfully deliver your mission. We are obsessed with providing our clients with the highest quality of IT at the best price. We define quality as being highly secure, reliable and efficient and we define best price as being a price that works for Not For Profit budgets. If you’re serious about your mission, you owe it to yourself to have professionally managed IT services. Call now to see how affordable this can be: 1844-248-7832, 204 or email us at

Asurtec Voice is an enterprise-grade IP phone system that offers all the traditional office phone system features wherever you have Internet and at a fraction of the cost of traditional office phone systems. Voice lets you dial a colleague using a 3-digit extension when that colleague may be in a different city or even a different province or country. Voice lets you make and receive calls on your cell phone, desk phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Voice is powerful enough to handle the most complex call flows and feature requests. Most clients who use Voice only ever use a small fraction of its feature-set but all benefit from incredibly low pricing. Our prices are disruptively low, even in the Internet Phone market, and we absolutely clobber traditional phone prices. Lower price does not mean lesser service or quality; we are fanatical about quality and customer service in everything we do, and Asurtec Voice is no exception. Call now (yes call ?) to learn how you can call more efficiently for less: 1844-248-7832, 204 or email us at

Asurtec offers live, interactive training sessions on Cybersecurity and Privacy and Confidentiality regulations. Our training curriculum has been developed specifically for the Not For Profit sector. Employees are both your greatest strength and also your biggest vulnerability when considering the risk from cyber crime. This is why it is so critically important that your employees receive high quality training and can recognize scams and avoid becoming the entry-point for criminals into your organization. Cyber crime is on the rise but Asurtec is deeply committed to combatting it by providing employees with the knowledge they need to recognize scams. Our training is informed and continuously updated by the criminal activity our helpdesk and technical team see daily. Therefore, it is always current and technically accurate. We realize your employees are not necessarily technical, however, and we ensure the training can be easily understood by everyone. We do this by using trainers and educators who have many years of experience working in the community sector in leadership roles. If your employees have not received cyber security training within the past year, it is not a question of if but when you will become a victim of cyber crime. Call now to see how easy and affordable it is to protect your organization: 1844-278-7832, 204 or email us at

Asurtec provide a wide range of Data Centre-based services. A private cloud is a private network populated by virtual servers managed by us and available to your employees wherever they are, using secure technologies like VPN and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Private clouds provide all the security of on-premise servers, with enhanced physical security and dramatically improved reliability and ease of access. Co-location is similar to the Asurtec private cloud except that you own the servers and we host and manage them in our data centre. Asurtec Vault is an enterprise-grade backup service that ensures we can quickly recover not only your data but your mission critical servers no matter what happens to them. This is backup and disaster recovery in one. Asurtec E-mail Vault ensures that e-mail can be recovered months or years after being intentionally deleted by an employee. These services fall under the umbrella of Managed IT services. As with all Asurtec services, security, quality and disruptively low pricing are defining characteristics. Call now to understand how you can reduce risk and make your employees more productive wherever they work for much less than you think: 1844-278-7832, 204 or email us at

Asurtec recognizes that many organizations have an abundance of data but are unable to use it effectively due to an inability to pull the reports they need. A common approach to this is to establish a data warehouse with a dashboard that tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) and operational reports. Asurtec has the know-how to build a high quality business intelligence reporting suite for your organization that falls within your budget. Asurtec additionally works creatively with organizations that do not host their own databases to help them gain access to information and establish effective reporting mechanisms. We at Asurtec believe that the best decisions are always founded on good information, and that every organization, regardless of size, should have access to the information it needs to make good decisions.

Asurtec offers high quality hosting for your web site. We equally offer professional web site maintenance, graphic design and web site design services. Our web servers are all located in Tier 3 data centres with Gigabit Connections. This ensures your site content is delivered quickly and reliably when visitors browse your site. Our hosting and graphic design and web site design services are all characterised by the same obsession with quality and customer service that define our other services. In contrast to high volume hosting sites which have e-mail only support, we pride ourselves on providing a very personalized, friendly experience to clients who host their site with us. Our design team can help you maintain your site over the long term, revamp a site or completely rebuild it – all efficiently and very affordably. Call now to relieve the worry and stress you feel over your web site: 1844-278-7832, 204 or email us at

The entire Asurtec team are professionals, and have a great way of explaining what they're doing to each of our team members.”

-- Michael Levitt, Executive Director,
Canes Family Health Team

I was very satisfied with the assistance provided by Fisnik Baliu in the past two days where he assisted one of my staff navigate and set up their working phone as well as assisting myself today with remote desktop assess. Thank you very much Fisnik.”

-- Nina Busho, AIHM,
Houselink & Mainstay